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Mission Statement: Pickleball Manitoba Inc. (PMI) “is committed to the promotion, development, and growth of the sport of pickle ball throughout Manitoba. This will be achieved through the provision of leadership and support to pickle ball clubs, officials, and players, of all levels and abilities, while providing for fun, fitness and friendship within a safe and secure playing and learning environment.



    In the spring of 2015 the First Directors of PMI, and a guiding coalition of committed pickle ball enthusiasts, formulated the following strategic initiatives for the Association over the next 5 years. These initiatives were nicknamed “5 in 5” – 5 initiatives over 5 years. 

  1. Prepare, and submit by December 31, 2015, an Application for Sport Recognition to Sport Manitoba. When awarded ensure all compliance requirements for sustaining ongoing recognition are fully met;
  2. Increase the infrastructure (facilities and equipment) available for year – round pickle ball playing. The City of Winnipeg will be the initial focus of efforts, with efforts shifting to those regions outside the City of Winnipeg;
  3. Formalize, and deliver, province wide, coaching and officials development programs; 
  4. Formalize, and deliver, province wide, athlete skill development programs;
  5. Develop and action a PMI communication (marketing and sponsorship) program. 

      Note that initiatives 3 and 4 include examination of methods, and if practical, adaption of these methods, so that persons with physical limitations may participate in the sport. International Federation of Pickleball, Official Tournament Rulebook, Section 16 – Wheelchair Rules contains rules specific to wheelchair players.

2015 Activities in Support of “5 in 5”

  • Meetings with officials at City of Winnipeg, Parks and Facilities regarding the painting of pickleball lines on outdoor tennis courts. 
  • Meetings with each of City of Winnipeg Councilors, Mr. Marty Marantz and Mr. Scott Gillingham, regarding painting of pickleball lines at Marj Eadie and Deer Lodge Tennis Courts. 
  • Telephone calls to River Height Community Club (RRCC) regarding the painting of pickleball lines at RRCC tennis courts. 
  • The above efforts resulted in pickleball lines being painted on the tennis courts at the facilities noted, and outdoor pickle ball play was initiated at these facilities in June of 2015. 
  • Finalized PMI bylaws for adoption at Annual general Meeting (AGM held October 5, 2015 and Bylaws approved as presented). 
  • Finalized membership categories and fee rates. 
  • Launched Membership drive in August 2015. Launched “Train The Trainer” (TTT) program, whose purpose was twofold: one, to allow PMI to respond to requests to provide pickle ball instruction to newcomers to the sport; and two, to support PMI designed and targeted outreach activities. In total, twenty-eight (28) persons received this training: 18 persons from within the City of Winnipeg and 10 persons from outside the City of Winnipeg. PMI members who have taken the TTT program provided instruction on pickle ball play to phys-ed teachers from across Manitoba at the October 23, 2015 professional development conference held at Winnipeg’s Vincent Massey Collegiate. (See section 10 for details of the TTT Program). 
  • Application was made to for grant monies to be used to support activity 7.    

Planned 2016 Activities in Support of “5 in 5” (in order of

  • Approval by Sport Manitoba of PMI Application for Sport Recognition (February 2016). 
  • Initiate any actions requested by Sport Manitoba as a condition of Sport recognition (ongoing over 2016 as required). 
  • Continued promotion of PMI and its membership benefits. Target membership number at May 31, 2016 is 225 members. 
  • Fill vacant Director At Large(rural region) (April 2016). 
  • Conduct Train The Trainer training as requested or initiated by PMI. (Ongoing through out 2016) 
  • Continue development and delivery of athlete skills development program Ongoing through out 2016). 
  • Support the hosting of, or host directly, 2 competitive events (spring and fall timeframes – 2016). 
  • Develop and conduct a referees clinic in support of activity number 7 and the Manitoba Senior Games (scheduled for June 2016 (May 2016)
  •  Develop and launch sponsorship program (September 2016    
  • To achieve these goals, working committees, each one lead by a PMI Director and composed of PMI members, have been established.  As progress is made or the work of a committee concluded, a report will be made to the Board of Directors.